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Auhtorized certificates and Tests

Authorized cattery licence

Our Ramazan cattery has the official and recognized cattery licence number, which is E2500066.
After the in-depth inspection of the offcial veterinary of the Department of Environment and Agriculture of the Generalitat of Catalonia in Spain, our bengal cattery it is officially recognized and certified as an optimal setting to carry out our activity as a bengal cattery.
This certificate is hard to get as they request high levels of hygiene, cleanness, organization and setting of each arrangement for the bengals, etc.

¿What is the "Núcleo Zoológico" (animal activity licence)? A place that requires a "núcleo zoológico" are those that want to exhibit animals, to arrange instalations to keep pets, animal breeding centres, animal shelters, private homes where they breed and sell animals, among others.

¿Why is the "Núcleo Zoológico (animal activity licence) important? In Catalonia it is a requirement by law for the breeding centers that breed and sell pets.

Safety for the buyer . The new owners of the pets can have the assurance that the breeding centres follows the health standards and animal protection rules set by the Department of Environment and Agriculture for the wellbeing of the animals.

More information : Link to the official page

Ramazan Affix

Our breeding centre has the official affix "Ramazan" registered in the feline association ASFEC of Catalonia, subjected to the WCF. Each breeder has their own affix which is unique and untransfearable, it works like a last name for the bengals to trace their origin. All litters are fully registered in the felince association, and will receive their pedigree.

Tests for congenital diseases

We periodically test our studs and queens for the common congenital diseases that can affect the bengals to certify that our bengals are free from these genetical diseases. Up to now, we have done the tests for PKDef, PRAb and HCM. The imported bengals are negative for HCM, as we have bought them from HCM negative catteries, but we will gradually be testing them to certify their condition on this issue too.
Our studs and queens are also negative for these diseases: Feline Leukemia, Feline immunodeficiency, Coronavirus, Giardias, Tritrichomonas, Panleukopenia, Calicivirus, Rinotracheitis, Fungus, y internal parasites.
If you require any additional test for your future kitten, we can do so. We are open and don't have a problem in testing so you are assured that you are receiving a healthy kitten.