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Press Releases

Here we include those press releases that we have been able to put together. Find below some news articles about our Ramazan bengals that have come out in newspapers, radio and television:

Fimascota 2014

22/02/2014 - Escalibur of Ramazan (bengal) on the poster of the feline exposition FIMASCOTA 2014 of February.

fimascota 2014

Image for Dry food Equilibrio in Brasil 2012

22/06/2012 - Our male Napoleón of Ramazan owned by Juliano living in BRASIL, is the image of a brand of dry food for cats in Brasil.

Napoleón. 2 months and a half.

Napoleón. Son of Olympia and Lexxus

Napoleón. Advertising image

Napoleón. Advertising image.
Link to the page:

Article Pelo Pico Pato 2010

01/01/2010 - Article in Pelo Pico Pata about the bengal breed and the Ramazan cattery. Click over the pictures to read the article.


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Fimascota 2010

27/02/2010 - Escalibur of Ramazan in the publicity of FIMASCOTA in Valladolid.
View poster Our bengal Escalibur of Ramazan, now owned by Roberto Herrero in Valladolid.

Report on the televition channel TVE1 2009

26/02/2009 - Small report on the program Gente of the channel TVE1 (minute 41, no longer available on their website)

Interview in the newspaper El Norte de Castilla 2009

Ver imagen

Picture in the newspaper El Mundo 2009

Foto of the bengal female marble Capuccina of Ramazan owned by Roberto Herrero: View image

Interview on the radio to Roberto Herrero

Interview about Capuccina of Ramazan, bengal marble (The week before the 21/22 of February, the World Felice Expo) Download audio