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Videos of bengal cats


We thank Marta for sending us this beautiful video of her bengal Atlas of Ramazan, here we see how he enjoys discovering the hidden charming places in the woods. He is son of Ferrari and Exótica

Passionata ("Pashy") of Ramazan. She just loves spending a long time exercising on her cat wheel, and as soon as you try to get her off it, she starts going faster... hehehe

Havana of Ramazan. Our female clouded rosetted bengal girl. Daughter of Braveheart and Tropicana. Born this February 2018.


Toscana of Ramazan and Ramses of Ramazan (Huelva)


Ares of Ramazan on a stroll down the beach (owner Manuela). Male 9 months old, son of Gabanna of Ramazan and Maseratti of Ramazan.

Female bengal 3 months old making friends with his dog friend just a few days after arriving at her new home in Marbella.


Bengal kitten playing with the water

Samsa of Ramazan (owner Paco of Málaga), daughter of Euphoria and Horatius.

Mau of Ramazan (owner Ana of Sitges), son of Lexxus and Olympia.

Gelert of Ramazan with his dog friend (son of Lexxus and Olympia March 2014)

Cashmir of Ramazan - Judge's evaluation in the Gran International Cat Exposition in Malta (13-14 December 2014)

Ramazan bengal cat

Lord of Ramazan with a german shepherd (owner Eva of Huesca)

Mau of Ramazan (owner María of Figueres)