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Available bengal kittens

All the website, and specially this section of our bengal kittens available from our Ramazan Cattery in Spain is continually updated.

Bengal kittens available at this moment (2020):

Litter of Tristán and Selva (20 April 2020) - READY TO GO: Beginning July 2020 Aprox.

Litter 20 ABRIL 2020(Tristán & Selva)

Gatos bengalíes

Boy 1 (Brown Spotted) / Condition: AVAILABLE

Description: Fantastic bengal boy with rounded donut rosettes, thickly outlined and well contrasted, good spacing in between. Rich hot tones already starting to show. Puffy whiskerpads and strong chin.

Boy 2 Snow Marble (Snow Mink Marble) / Condition: RESERVED / MADRID

Description: Beautiful snow mink marble with a totally extrovert nature, he is always the first one to greet you. Very sweet and charming expression. Puffy whiskerpads and strong chin.

Boy 3 Marble (Brown Marble) / Condition: RESERVED / Mont-Roig del Camp

Description: Lovely brown marble with strong contrast in his coat. His cream and orange tones will come through as he grows. Puffy whiskerpads and strong chin.

Girl 1 (Brown Spotted) / Condition: RESERVADA / ALICANTE

Description: Impressive female bengal kitten with rounded rosettes, thickly outlined and very well contrasted. Hembrita impresionante con unas rosetas tipo donut redondeadas y contorneadas en un perfil grueso y contrastadas. Rich hot tones already starting to show. Puffy whiskerpads and strong chin. She has got on each side of her coat a rosette in the shape of a heart. She is very very feminine, absolutely "Chic!".