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Available bengal kittens

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Bengal kittens available in Spain at this moment (2019):

Litter Maseratti & Isis (10 April 2019) / Ready to leave: End of June 2019 1 boy

Litter Maseratti & Giulietta (2 March 2019) / Ready to leave: NOW

Litter Ferrari & Elegancia (23 February 2019) / Ready to leave: NOW 2 females available

Litter Ferrari & Kara (21 February 2019) / Ready to leave: NOW

Litter Braveheart & Tropicana (20 February 2019) / Ready to leave: NOW


British Blue Male Stud "Wind" / Condition: Available

Adult British Blue male stud, ready for mating, excellent pedigree. We will send you his pedigree and video for you to see him how lovely he is and very loving.

Litter 2nd March 2019(Maseratti & Giulietta)

Bengal cats Maseratti & Giulietta

Boy 2 (Brown Spotted) / Condition: Available

Lovely bengal kitten with pretty contrasted rosettes, very similar to his brother, well spaced and nicely arranged along his coat. Excellent rich orange tones. Puffy whiskerpads and strong chin, wide nose. Good temperament.

Litter 23 of February 2019(Ferrari & Elegancia)

Bengal kittens Ferrari and Elegancia

Girl 2 (Brown Spotted) / Condition: Ready to leave

Beautiful female with huge rosettes with warm honey and rich orange tones. Puffy whiskerpads. Sociable and loving. WE CAN SEND A VIDEO BY WHATSAPP

Litter 21st February 2019(Ferrari & Kara)

Bengal cats Ferrari & Kara

Girl 1 (Brown Spotted) / Condition: Available

We are deeply in love with this stunning female bengal kitten, absolutely extraordinary, very extravangant coat with ginormous dount rosettes combined with chain rosetting. Excellent rich orange tones. Puffy whiskerpads and strong chin, wide nose. Sociable and loving.

Girl 2 (Brown Spotted) / Condition: Available

Absolutely stunning female with beautiful donut rosettes all nicely arranged on coat. A bit fuzzy at this stage. Nice warm tones. Sociable and loving.

Litter 20 February 2019(Braveheart & Tropicana)

Gatos bengalĂ­es Braveheart y Tropicana

Girl 4 (Brown Spotted) / Condition: Available

Outstanding female bengal kitten, with stricking thick outlined donut rosettes, rich chocolate colours combined with deep warm tones. Very sweet and loving expresion.