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Ramazan bengal cat studs

RAMAZAN SOL (PK Def N/N, PraB N/N, HCM Normal)

DOB: 23/02/2018
We are happy to introduce you to Ramazan Sol, an excellent male stud with outstanding qualities that will be locked in our breeding program. Beautiful rounded donut rosettes reaching the back legs, straight profile, solid strong body, puffy whiskerpads and small ears. At the moment, he is only 8 months old and is already weighing 5 kilos 800 grams. Extremely loving and affectionate nature.

Photos: 8 months


Dam: Ramazan Kenora of Leopardsdeelite
Sire: Duma Paris of Leopardsdeelite
DOF: 01/05/2015
We thank Diana Skinner from Leopardsdeelite for this outstanding bengal male Braveheart, son of Ramazan Kenora of Leopardsdeelite and Duma Paris of Leopardsdeelite. Braveheart is a high quality bengal with four tones on his coat: the buttercoat, whiting on tummy and between legs, nicely contrasted chestnut coloured rosettes and dark black outline. His temperant is totally loving, sweet and affectionate.

Photos: 7 months and a half

FERRARI (PK Def N/N, HCM normal)

DOF: 26/05/2015
It is an honour to have received this absolutely outstanding male called Ferrari. We are really thankful to Elena and Vladimir for this amazing bengal male that is going to produce increadibly high quality kittens together with our fantastic females.

Video - two years old

Photos: 5 months and a half

INFINITY (PK Def N/N - PRAb N/N, HCM normal)

DOF: 2/01/2014
We are very proud to present you our male Sunstorm Infinity. We send a big thank you for the attention and care of Alison.

Photos: 8 months and a half


Dam: Divina
Sire: Typhast Q Factor of Ramazan
DOF: 1/09/2011
This beautiful male born in our cattery combines many important qualities: nice big rosettes, good contrast, rich in gold and orangey tones, Este macho nacido en nuestro criadero combina muchas cualidades que le acercan a un macho reproductor muy completo: tiene rosetas grandes contrastadas tipo donut, alto contraste y un color muy rico en tonos rojizo, crema y negro azabache; un porte excelente y lo mejor de todo es su carácter cariñoso y super tranquilo, le encanta estar en tus brazos.

Photos: from young til one year old.


Dam: Dazzledots Wowfactor of Gogees
Sire: Legacie Major Impact of Gogees
DOF: 25/03/2010
Without a doubt Lexxus has beautiful large rosettes, wild head, puffy whiskerpads, plus a totally loving nature, sweet and affectionate. A big thank you to Gene Ducote de Gogees for sending us this male. We are very excited to have him with us. Great grand son of Supreem Grand Champion Katznjamr's Inkosi of Kosikatz.

Video: 7 years old - Morning greeting ritual

Photos: 7 months and a half