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Ramazan bengal cat studs

RAMAZAN SOL (PK Def N/N, PraB N/N, HCM Normal)

DOB: 23/02/2018
We are happy to introduce you to Ramazan Sol, an excellent male stud with outstanding qualities that will be locked in our breeding program. Beautiful rounded donut rosettes reaching the back legs, straight profile, solid strong body, puffy whiskerpads and small ears. At the moment, he is only 8 months old and is already weighing 5 kilos 800 grams. Extremely loving and affectionate nature.

Photos: 8 months


DOB: 23/02/2018
We are very greateful to Rosa to have allowed us to enjoy caring after Monfeli Tristan of Ramazan. He is a stunning male bengal with extreme loving nature, with beautiful nice sized contrasted rosettes very well arranged along his coat, very rich warm orange and golden tones, and amazing emerald green eyes. Born the 30th of April 2017.

Photos: 2 years of age


Dam: Ramazan Kenora of Leopardsdeelite
Sire: Duma Paris of Leopardsdeelite
DOB: 01/05/2015
We thank Diana Skinner from Leopardsdeelite for this outstanding bengal male Braveheart, son of Ramazan Kenora of Leopardsdeelite and Duma Paris of Leopardsdeelite. Braveheart is a high quality bengal with four tones on his coat: the buttercoat, whiting on tummy and between legs, nicely contrasted chestnut coloured rosettes and dark black outline. His temperant is totally loving, sweet and affectionate.

Photos: 7 months and a half

FERRARI (PK Def N/N, HCM normal)

DOB: 26/05/2015
It is an honour to have received this absolutely outstanding male called Ferrari. We are really thankful to Elena and Vladimir for this amazing bengal male that is going to produce increadibly high quality kittens together with our fantastic females.

Video - two years old

Photos: 5 months and a half

INFINITY (PK Def N/N - PRAb N/N, HCM normal)

DOB: 2/01/2014
We are very proud to have with us our outstanding stud Infinity. He has been with us for some time now and we love him to bits. We are totally taken by his stricking green eyes. His coat is full of beautiful donut rosettes, well outlined and contrasted. Rich warm tones on coat. Very loving, with a really strong solid body. We send a big thank you for the attention and care of Alison.

Photos: 6 years old