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Ramazan Bengals Cattery in Spain

The beginnings of the Ramazan bengals cattery. The passion of Denise to find a new breed of some sort of a wild look, similar to the large felines as the leopards, during the early 90's led her to discover the existance of the bengal breed, which started in the USA. Upto that moment, she had been breeding persians of top quality and winning several national, international and european prizes during many years. But now had arrived the time in 1995 to open the door to this new bengal world that had captured and amazed her.

After reading and investigating all about this breed, she decided to import a famous bengal from the USA, called Gogees Nitro Glistening, property in that moment of Gene Ducote. This was the first bengal to enter into Spain in 1995. Shortly afterwords, another two splendid bengals were to enter the cattery, from Barry and Rosie Alger-Street from London. One was, Typhast Skywalker, a bright orange rosetted green-eyed boy, and the other Typhast Jazzplayer, a tri-coloured brown male marble. With these males, Denise began the line of Ramazan.

Ramazan is the official registered name for our own bengal line. This name would be like our surnames. You will only be able to get Ramazan Bengals with their pedigree directly through our cattery.

From 1995 onwards, her commitment with the bengals encouraged her to work hard in order to preserve the quality of her bengals and try to improve it as much as possible. Thanks to this commitment, from the Ramazan Bengal Cattery have been born several Champions, among which we find Indiana Jones of Ramazan who won the World Title of the Best Short Haired Cat.

The affix Ramazan. Ramazan is the official affix of our own line of bengals. The affix works as a last name for the bengals that are born in our cattery. You can only get a pure Ramazan 100% bengal with its pedigree from our cattery.

Ramazan goal and commitment. From 1995 till today, our commitment with the bengal has made her work hard to keep the quality and improve it in every way posible. Thanks to this hard work, clear goals and pure commitment, from our cattery have come out various champions, among others Indiana Jones of Ramazn that won the World Champion title in the cattegory of short hair cats.

Criadero Ramazan Location. The Ramazan bengals cattery is located at the south of Catalonia.

Ramazan Affiliation. All official catteries are registered in a feline association. In Spain we find various cat associations, we are members of the cat club ASFEC (Asociación Felina de Cataluña) that is subjected to WCF (World Cat Federation), to properly register the litters born in our cattery, pedigree processing, etc. You can always contact with ASFEC to ask about us.